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thecricketer website (the website) is owned and operated byTest Match Extra.com Ltd (the Company), a company registered in Englandand Wales whose registered office is at 49 Heworth Village, York, YO31 1AE. You can contact thecricketer website or the Company atmagazine@thecricketer.com. Further references in these Terms andConditions to thecricketer website apply equally both to thecricketer website and as appropriate to the Company.

2All access to and use of thecricketer website issubject to these Terms and Conditions. By using thecricketer websiteeach user (the User) acknowledges and accepts the content of these Termsand Conditions and of thecricketer website Privacy Policy, and by eachuse of thecricketer website the User acknowledges and accepts theseTerms and Conditions and the Privacy Policyafresh. thecricketer websitealso acknowledges our responsibilities as set out in these Terms andConditions and in our Privacy Policy.

3The User acknowledges that any use of thecricketerwebsite is a non-exclusive use for personal and leisure purposes only,that no use is for any commercial or business purposes, and that any useis at the User’s sole risk.

4The User further acknowledges that any use orreproduction of thecricketer website must be in the form in whichthecricketer website is published, that no distribution or commercialexploitation is permitted, whether in that form or otherwise, and thatthecricketer website accepts no liability to any third party.

5thecricketer website makes every effort to ensure theaccuracy and comprehensiveness of its contents, but the Useracknowledges that neither thecricketer website nor its suppliers acceptany liability to Users nor give any warranty in respect of the accuracyof the contents or in respect of the uninterrupted nature or coverage ofthecricketer website.

6The User acknowledges that all intellectual propertyrights in thecricketer website belong to thecricketer website and itssuppliers and that use of the website confers no licence or other rightson the User. The moral rights of contributors to thecricketer websiteare asserted.

7thecricketer website accepts no unsolicitedcontributions from Users or third parties. The User acknowledges thatany solicited contributions to thecricketer website (for example inresponse to a competition) must be decent, must not be defamatory, andmust not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.In particular,  the User will not post or transmit any defamatory,threatening, obscene, harmful, pornographic or otherwise illegalmaterial or material which would violate or infringe in any way upon ourrights or those of others or cause distress or inconvenience. The Usermust not express opinions that are vulgar, crude, sexist, racist orotherwise offensive. The User will not post or otherwise make availableon thecricketer website any material which the User does not own withoutthe express permission of the owner.

8The User acknowledges that by posting materials onthecricketer site the User grants to Us and Our licensors and assigns anirrevocable, perpetual, royalty free, worldwide licence to use thematerials both within Our website and in any other manner. The licenceextends to copying, distributing, broadcasting, and otherwisetransmitting, and adapting and editing the materials. 

9Material which is posted on any bulletin boards orchat forums is written by Users and We are not responsible for and donot endorse such material. We reserve the right to monitor thecontributions made and may respond to or comment upon communicationsmade by the User and edit, refuse to post, or remove any content fromthe bulletin boards and chat forums in our absolute discretion. Nofailure to remove particular material constitutes an endorsement oracceptance of it by thecricketer website. 

The User, if a child or young person, confirms thathe or she has parental permission to use the computer through whichaccess is made to thecricketer website.

11thecricketer website seeks to comply with dataprotection and all other relevant legislation. Further information ondata protection is available from our Privacy Policy.

12The User acknowledges that thecricketer website may be amended or discontinued at any time without notice.

13The User further acknowledges that The Cricketer website may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.The current version of the Terms and Conditions is the versionappearing on thecricketer website at any time. At the end of the Termsand Conditions we print the date on which they were last amended.

14If thecricketer website provides any link to anyexternal website this is purely for the convenience of the User and theUser acknowledges that thecricketer website makes no representations andaccepts no liability in respect of the content or availability of theexternal website.

15These Terms and Conditions are subject to English law. If any term is found to be invalid then this does not affect the validity of the other terms. Failure by thecricketer website at any time to enforce these Terms and Conditions does not amount to a waiver of thecricketer website's rights to enforce them.

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